Our Services

Our comprehensive range of services include full-scale public relation campaigns, media liaison, campaign development, business-to-business liaison, social media, brand promotion, targeted networking, report, speech and feature writing. But while these are the staple PR offering, we pride ourselves on being dynamic, imaginative and innovative; and we do it cost-effectively.

Client Management

We offer client management services as a standalone solution or as an add-on to any of our core offerings.

» Communication Strategies
» Media Relations and Outreach (Print, Electronic and Digital Media)
» Community Management
» Publicity Management
» Reputation Management
» Content Development
» Digital Media Management

PR Counselling

We work closely with clients to help them meet goals established in their business plan to get on top.

» Develop Communication Guidelines
» Develop Marketing Strategies

Celebrity Management

We work with many of the country’s leading celebrities, providing a complete profile management package.

» Personality Development (Styling and Communication Strategies)
» Media Relations and Appearances (Print Media, Electronic Media and Digital Media)
» Linking Opportunities (Collaborations and Creating Business Opportunities)
» PR Counselling and Management
» Business Negotiations and Coordination
» Social Media Handling

Event Management

We offer professional event planning services i.e event management & coordination, theming, conferencing & exhibitions.

» Event Setup and Décor
» Event Planning
» Event Execution
» Developing Media Kits and Giveaways
» Guest Management
» Media Management

Digital Media Management

We're a full service agency dedicated to managing high-profile individuals and brands across all digital platforms.

» Digital Media Handling
» Twitter trending
» Web Development
» Logo Design
» Social Media Management
» Content Development (Video and Pictorial)
» Digital Advertising

Issue & Crisis Management

Through our crisis management consulting services, we can help clients identify their top reputational threats.

» Issue Management Strategies
» Responsive Crisis Management
» Proactive Crisis Management
» Recovery Crisis Management