Our Core Team


Khalid Anam


Tehmina Khalid

Founded by Ms. Tehmina Khaled, Take-II has the backing of a professional and enthusiastic team that has the reputation for raising the profile of its clients with creative and bespoke campaigns to suit their brand message. Ms. Khaled is not a new name in the industry. With over two decades of the experience in the print media as the editor of a renowned weekly magazine and a fashion journalist, she has developed a name for herself and has been at the helm of some of the noteworthy campaigns. She works with a team of thorough professionals which include specialist writers, advisers and event organizers with national and global experience including working with PR, advertising and marketing agencies.

Nabil Shaukat

Nabil is an experienced individual with years of experience in the development sector. Nabil has been associated with different programs and project during the course of his professional experience. Nabil joined Take-II since 2017 and holds the position of the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Take-II. Nabil is responsible for the overall management and operations of the company.
Media Executive

Hina Latif

Being a senior member of TakeII since 2012 as a media coordinator. My role is one of the most essential ones. Leadership skills, brand and marketing capabilities, communication is the biggest important factor of any business, Hina takes responsibility over her actions and coordinates everything. From invitations of guests to the media, falls under her. But beware if she hasn’t had her morning coffee. Confidante to the entire team. The good cop and binding force at office.
Content Specialist

Ammar Khalid Anam

We at Take ll worked extremely hard to be where we are. I remember the time when we didn’t have an office and worked from home to where we are right now in the timespan of a few years. It has been one hell of a ride. Digital is the future of Pakistan. Smart phone are almost accessible to more people that the television. And that really tells us the importance of this growing medium. It is indeed the medium of the future.
Digital Media Execitive

Arwa Yusuf

Arwa Yusuf has been a part of Take ll since 2016 and holds a position of Social Media Strategist, responsible for planning, developing and implementing agency’s overall social media strategy in order to support and improve online presence and the overall digital marketing efforts. She is obsessed with innovating new ways of creating amazing content that’s extremely useful and effective.
Office Coordinator

Prashant Kumar

Prashant Kumar has been with Take-II since 2017. Prashant in his role at Take-II ensures the office administration is smooth and seamless. From being the first point of contact at the front office to keeping the records in order, Prashant manages them all.